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My poor neglected blog

Sorry that’s it’s been over a month since I updated! We were having some issues with our apartment, and have been trying to get maintenance to address them. Plus, I was a bridesmaid in my brother’s wedding!

So, I had my growth ultrasound on October 6th. The baby measured about two weeks behind where he should be. They told me not to be too concerned, and try eating more protein. I’ve been having twice-weekly non-stress tests (results have been good so far), and they measure my amniotic fluid levels (again, results good). I have another growth ultrasound on October 28th.

We were also given FIVE BOXES of baby boy clothes, from a family that my new sister-in-law’s mom knows (did you follow that? lol). Newborn sizes through 24 months!

And I’m starting to pack my bag for the hospital. It’s starting to feel “real” that in a little over a month, we will have a little person!


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