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Childbirth class

So, apparently, I was a little ahead of the game in signing us up for childbirth class. The class that I chose is given by the hospital where I”ll be delivering, and is a general-information class, not geared toward any one “method” of childbirth (Lamaze, Bradley, hypnobirthing, etc.). Most of the women in my class are due late October to late November.

I chose the option of one Saturday class, plus three weeknight classes, instead of 6 weeknight classes.

We learned a lot in our first class, some of which I had already learned through reading books on pregnancy and childbirth, but it was nice to have it presented by a licensed nurse, and to have the opportunity to ask questions.

There was no pressure to “go natural” or to have an epidural. The hopsital’s C-section rate is below the national average, and there is no pressure to have a C-section unless medically necessary. The hospital is very pro-breastfeeding, prefers to have babies “room in” with their mothers, and is open to mothers with birth plans, as long as women understand those plans shouldn’t be set in stone, as anything can happen that would mean deviating from that plan.

We got a sneak peak at a labor and delivery room. We practiced relaxation techniques, and our coaches practiced massaging the mothers-to-be’s backs.

During the weeknight classes, we’ll get to hear from an anesthesiologist, a pediatrician, and a breastfeeding couple.

I know that it will depend on the instructor and how the class is presented, but I’m really getting a lot out of ours, and I’d recommend them to other parents-to-be.


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Milestone: Movement!

OK, I”m actually several weeks late with this update.

On July 7th (approximately 18 weeks along), while relaxing on the couch, watching TV, I felt a flutter in my stomach. I’d felt odd sensations before, but attributed them to gas bubbles. This was definitely NOT a gas bubble!

Since then, the little boy has become quite active, particularly at night, or after I’ve had my morning cup of coffee.

I can’t wait for D to be able to feel his son kick from outside my abdomen.

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