Baby’s first gift

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Back Story

In my late twenties, I suffered from a rare endocrine disorder called Cushing’s Disease. I had a non-cancerous tumor growing on my pituitary gland (the gland sits right underneath your brain, and secretes hormones that control the adrenal glands, liver, and thyroid glands, to name a few). Because of this disease, I gained over 80 pounds; had high blood pressure; high blood sugar; depression; acne; insomnia; bruised easily; thinning hair; and stopped ovulating and menstruating.

After four years and three doctors, I finally got a diagnosis. While waiting for my surgery date, I passed out. No cause could be found, and I was sent home from the E.R. Five days later, I passed out again, and was diagnosed with massive bilateral pulmonary emboli (massive blood clots in both lungs). Surgery was postponed while the clots cleared.

I finally had my surgery, and after two long, hard years of recovery, I was cured. I lost the weight, my blood pressure and sugars returned to normal, the depression went away, my skin cleared up, I slept normally, and my menstrual period returned, though I really had no way of knowing if I was ovulating again. Until I got the positive home pregnancy test this April.

I posted my story on my Cushing’s support forum on Facebook. I got many good wishes, and a kind woman in the group sent me this gift:

A stuffed puppy dog, and a hand-knit blanket in white and shades of yellow. The blanket was made by the women’s 84-year-old mother.

The woman is a member of the Cushing’s support group because her son has Cushing’s. The woman started the only group in the world dedicated to Pediatric Cushing’s:

And I was just amazed that, though I never mentioned the theme of the baby’s room, it fits perfectly! We’re doing a puppy theme (see previous post), and will be decorating in shades of green, chocolate brown, and yellow!


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We have a nursery theme! Baby L. is a . . .

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